A crush

Surges of energy erupt in the pit of my stomach, exploding into anxiety. The butterflies. My thoughts wander off, my eyes gaze into anything but your own, and my heart races to edge of my skin. Pounding. 

I want to make a move.

eluding what’s all my life, i reside to one place. 

death is buried here, life was given to me here. 

sunsets blooming on the side of town,  emit sights of snow into my glassy eyes. 

corners of this universe, and those dreary afternoons as i sat on the emerald throne

transcending into windy roads and applications of the unwilling

it was a long drive that winter

happiness rests in the most uncommon of places


those foggy memories of the train station, the attic my knees crawled up to

waterfalls rejuvenating my lost approach on life, and of course the whiskey in his laughter

the cement and cracked sidewalks led the way to the corner drugstore,

rotten paint chipping away from these grizzled homes, echoes of children

experiences transition to anemones

no one can be an undamaged soul forever.

i’m still haunted by the absence in the air these memories left.

where heart ships lay dormant, new possibilities flourish   

scranton, like a gentle autumn rain. 


Aymeline Valade in ‘Saint Laurent’ directed by Bertrand Bonello

y’all don’t pay enough attention to her smh
Não existe poeta jovem. Todos tem uma alma velha dentro de si.
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a direct interpretation of my life at the moment

Heill Odinn by @highwatr
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(via femmina - Charles H. Traub. Italy, 1980)

Olaf Martens

Hannah Pixie 
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Fish Tank (2009), dir. Andrea Arnold